Exploring Flavor Trends: What’s Hot in Frozen Pizza?

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It’s safe to say that nothing’s more classic than a cheese pizza with red sauce. It’s arguably the most popular meal, now readily available for customers as a frozen meal to be enjoyed at any time. However, because pizza is such an iconic meal, there’s tons of competition in frozen pizza manufacturing. 

That’s why it’s important to keep up with flavor trends. Developing your own take on pizza trends can help your brand connect with customers looking for their new favorite frozen pizza.  Relying on equipment that facilitates quick and low-cost R&D can also help labels outpace competitors and set customer expectations. Here, we’ll explore some popular ingredients in pizza and how your label can innovate new topping combinations. We’ll also talk about which pizza sauce dispensers and pepperoni slicers can streamline operations while increasing production speed. We’ll also answer the question “Where to find pizza equipment?” This article serves as a quick go-to on popular ingredients and how to keep up with frozen pizza trends.


Hot Pizza Toppings

Incorporating different pizza toppings is a great way to diversify your product line, follow trends, and create products unique to your label. Keeping an eye on trends can allow your brand to meet demand and connect with customers who are looking for both familiar and new recipes. Between sauces, meats, cheeses, and vegetables, there are a plethora of ingredients to use when following trends and creating new favorites.



Red sauce and mozzarella are classic pizza toppings. However, with different ingredients growing in popularity, brands can incorporate different sauces to create recipes and meet the demands of more adventurous pizza enjoyers. Sauces like BBQ sauce and basil pesto sauce are different ingredients compared to the typical red sauce but are sure to find customers that are seeking a new pizza experience.



Pepperoni is perhaps the most popular meat pizza topping. However, why stop there? Why not incorporate bacon, sausage, or ham? Why not a combination of them? Customers are sure to love a meat lover’s pizza, and while iconic, the combination of meats can be new and innovative.


Cheeses and Vegetables

Cheese is a necessary pizza topping, and vegetables add extra flavor and flare! Between shredded and grated cheeses and IQF vegetables, the combinations are endless. Your brand can create interesting combinations, like four-cheese Margherita pizza, with an assortment of cheeses, tomatoes, and basil. The application of many different ingredients can create a unique flavor profile that will be popular with many.

So many ingredients, so little time. How can brands keep up with developing so many recipes while remaining on target and maintaining uptime? The key is using automated pizza sauce dispensers and pepperoni slicers to streamline their frozen pizza production.


Keeping Up With Trends: A Spotlight on Automated Pizza Sauce Dispensers and Pepperoni Slicers

Automated frozen pizza production simplifies the application of many different ingredients without decreasing quality or consistency. We’ve built Quantum pizza sauce dispensers and pepperoni slicers to facilitate low-cost R&D and improve assembly operations.


Quantum Pizza Sauce Dispensers

Quantum Sauce Applicators offer both target and waterfall applicators to meet different needs of frozen pizza production. Our sauce applicators can dispense red sauce, as well as BBQ sauce, salad dressing, and similar ingredients. These pizza sauce dispensers are designed to handle high-volume production and facilitate low-cost R&D. 


Quantum Pepperoni & Meat Slicers

Our pepperoni/meat slicers cut and apply a specified amount of meat slicers per pizza, ensuring consistency and quality. Quantum meat slicers can cut and apply any stick meat, like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage. They can also be configured to slice meats and cheeses deli-style for added versatility. Your brand can easily incorporate one of our meat slicers into its production line to further diversify its product line

Automated pizza sauce dispensers and pepperoni slicers are critical pieces of equipment in frozen pizza manufacturing. Finding the right ones for your assembly process is just as important. Next, here are a couple of steps to take when looking for automated pizza equipment.


Pizza Equipment

Finding pizza equipment has never been any easier. Especially with the Internet and trade shows, there are many ways to connect with manufacturers to find pizza equipment that is right for your frozen pizza label. Searching for pizza equipment can guide labels to look at reviews online, giving them a sense of how a manufacturer aptly meets the needs of their customers. After looking at reviews and information on manufacturers’ websites, pizza labels can contact manufacturers directly to gain more insight into what kind of equipment they have and if it meets the production demands of the brand. Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to meet with manufacturers and learn about what kind of equipment and services they offer. Talking with manufacturers is also a great way to observe their dedication to customer service and finding solutions to frozen pizza production. Working well with a manufacturer also simplifies the installation process and leads to success.


Finding Pizza Equipment at Quantum

Regardless if you’re local to us in Frankfort, IL, or halfway across the world, our team at Quantum will work with you and your brand to ensure that your brand can find pizza manufacturing solutions that will improve your assembly process. We encourage our prospective clients to visit us to demo our automated pizza equipment and to meet our team. However, we understand that not everyone can visit us. We want the process of finding the right pizza equipment to be as seamless as possible. This is why our dedicated customer service department is ready to answer any questions your company may have. 

We understand the importance of durable and reliable pizza equipment in keeping up with trends and creating one-of-a-kind recipes. From entire frozen pizza production lines to cantilevered designs to improve existing operations, your brand can find what it needs at Quantum.


Create and Keep Up With Trends With Quantum

Quantum Technical Services designs the leading automatic pizza equipment in the world. Our technology is at the forefront of food manufacturing and helps brands create new recipes with low risk and follow trends to meet demand. Speed and consistency are keys in frozen pizza production, and our automated pizza equipment brings them to any assembly line. Contact our team at Quantum today to learn how your brand can follow trends while also creating innovations unique to your label without added effort.