Demand for Nutritious Options As A Frozen Food Manufacturer

Frozen food has provided flavorful and convenient meals for customers on the go. Customers can rely on frozen meals for a quick bite to eat as they navigate their busy schedules. However, nowadays, convenience doesn’t have to be synonymous with indulgence. In fact, frozen food labels can provide customers with quick, well-balanced meals that meet nutritional needs

Offering health-conscious options as a frozen food label can connect your brands with health-minded customers. Your products can meet the nutritious demands of active customers by including healthy ingredients, and at Quantum, we’re here to make that happen.

The frozen food manufacturing industry has come a long way in terms of product offerings. While frozen food can be decadent, frozen food labels are opting to include healthy options in their product lines. In this article, we’ll take a look at the demand for healthy options in frozen food manufacturing. We’ll also discuss automated equipment that can simplify creating healthy options, such as healthy pizza and bakery items.

Frozen Food Manufacturing and Healthy Options

It’s true– more and more consumers are preferring healthy options, creating a new demand in frozen food manufacturing. Between starting plant-based diets and looking for natural ingredients, consumers are more health-conscious than ever. Of course, this provides a fantastic opportunity for frozen food manufacturing, creating a growing market niche for companies to make new health-focused products. 

Including fresh and healthy ingredients like vegetables, fruit, and plant-based protein is a great way to connect with health-minded customers. However, this also complicates frozen food manufacturing. Nutritious demands present new obstacles to well-established production lines. Nevertheless, Quantum offers engineered solutions for adjusting to new market demands.

Pizza Nutrition Facts and Creating Healthy Pizza with Automation

Pizza nutrition facts are fascinating– while nutrition largely depends on the various toppings used, pizza typically has a lot of carbs, some fat, and little protein. Health-minded consumers may opt for other meals unless your brand includes healthier ingredients to make a healthy pizza. Healthy pizza isn’t a myth– brands can easily incorporate green toppings and toppings that balance out the macro constitutions. Let’s take a look at healthy pizza topping ideas that can improve your brand’s pizza nutrition facts.

Healthy Pizza Topping Ideas

While typical pizza nutrition facts include a higher content of carbs, it can be difficult to lower carb content, unless your brand incorporates a low-carb crust. Nutritious demands can inspire brands to include more plant-based ingredients, such as vegetables and veggie-based meat. Alternatively, labels can include more meat toppings to increase the protein-to-carb ratio. As a plant-based approach to more protein, pizza companies can even incorporate toppings such as tofu and cottage cheese to increase the protein content in their products. 

Incorporating healthy ingredients gives brands the opportunity to innovate new recipes to fill a new market niche. Pizza can include other toppings besides pepperoni (which is very high in sodium!) and cheese. Health-conscious customers may be inspired to purchase your products, realizing even more value for your brand. 

Nevertheless, the successful research and development of healthy pizza recipes depends on having food equipment that’s up to the challenge.  

Quantum Automation for Meeting the Health-Conscious Demand

Developing new health-conscious meals requires R&D. R&D usually means sunk costs and wasted ingredients that could have otherwise been allocated to the usual product line. However, Quantum equipment lowers the risk of R&D by decreasing downtime, simplifying ingredient switchover, and increasing productivity. We’ve designed our equipment with the demands of R&D in mind so that our technology can help your brand overcome these challenges. Nutritious demand requires quick adaptation to changing trends, and our equipment can help your production processes evolve with the market. Your brand will find Sauce Applicators, Cheese/Topping Applicators, Meat/Pepperoni Slicers, Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators, and more, all versatile and adaptable to bring your assembly lines into the future of healthy food manufacturing.

Our automated pizza equipment is also adaptable to bakery automation. Our Cheese/Topping Applicator can dispense cheese for pizza, as well as vegetables and dried fruit for health-focused bakery items. Our Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators can dispense oregano for pizza products, as well as chia or sesame seeds for baked goods. When nutritious demands call for innovation, adaptable bakery automation solutions can rise to the challenge.

Healthy Bakery Automation

Bakery items don’t necessarily need to be unhealthy. They can be indulgent, yes, but rethinking bakery items in terms of healthy options provides yet another opportunity for brands to find health-conscious customers. These customers can enjoy yummy bakery items and products meeting their health goals, as long as labels implement the tech needed to create such items. Your frozen bakery brand can increase the protein of bakery items by including nuts. Chia seeds are a great source of fiber and can be a healthy topping for baked goods. At Quantum, our bakery automation solutions that can help meet nutritious demands include Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators and Cheese/Topping Applicators. Just like in pizza assembly, this machinery is adaptable and versatile, allowing brands to dispense a range of health-conscious ingredients to reinvent baked goods for the health-conscious market. Our equipment ensures consistency and precision in addition to efficiency, making it easier to meet consumer demand and quality control guidelines. Quantum automated machinery allows brands to experiment with a diverse range of nutritious ingredients, encouraging creativity and innovation in R&D. As consumer trends continue to evolve, Quantum equipment can help your company continually adapt.

Make Health-Conscious Meals With Quantum

Quantum Technical Services is the industry leader in automated food equipment. Our technology prepares frozen food companies for adapting to trends and market shifts while streamlining processes in the meantime. Quantum equipment increases productivity and lowers the risk of R&D, two features that are vital for adjusting to an ever-evolving industry landscape. Contact our team today to find out which of our solutions can help your team adapt to new demands in frozen food manufacturing.