Precision and Consistency: The Advantages of Automated Sauce Applicators in Pizza Production


When running your frozen pizza business, or any business, unavoidable costs cut into your bottom line. Capital costs, such as the price of labor and materials, are significant and affect your profits. Other costs like products that don’t pass quality control and wasted time can also affect your company. Luckily, automation is transforming the food industry– frozen pizza preparation included. Sauce applicators, cheese applicators, and meat slicers are some of the automated equipment that can help your company prepare hundreds of pizzas per minute. There are many advantages of automated sauce applicators in pizza production, along with automating the other steps of frozen pizza production. These advantages include precision, consistency, and saving time and materials. So, how can automation transform your pizza production process? In this article, we’ll go through how assembly lines, automated machinery, and pizza machines provide precision and consistency in pizza production.

Automated Assembly Lines in the Pizza Industry

The frozen pizza industry is rapidly growing, reaching 6.06 billion dollars in sales in 2021. To keep up with demand, companies that offer frozen pizzas are automating their pizza production process or expanding their assembly lines. Depending on the automated machinery a company uses, the company can produce hundreds of pizzas per minute. Machines such as cardboard circle placers, sauce applicators, and dry topping applicators can jump-start your automated process. Adding conveyors to your automated assembly line or upgrading to multi-lane machines can also increase productivity. When your company uses machinery designed to make a high volume of products through automation, you’re more likely to see a quicker ROI. Still, what are the advantages of automated sauce applicators in pizza production, and how do automated pizza machines help achieve a quick ROI?

Automated Machinery and Pizza Machines

While initially investing in automated machinery and pizza machines may seem overwhelming, automation is one of the fastest ways to meet your ROI. Your company can immediately see the benefits of automated pizza machines once installed. Whereas an employee-powered assembly line can make just tens of pizzas per hour, automated machinery can increase productivity to upwards of hundreds of pizzas per minute. Automation also requires minimal staffing, allowing your company to cut down on labor costs, significantly affecting your bottom line. By minimizing overhead and increasing productivity, you can reach your ROI much faster. Once you have automated pizza machinery, adding more machines to your assembly line is straightforward. Your company can add, change, and rearrange your automated pizza machines to meet demand and create new recipes. At Quantum, we make our equipment easily maneuverable so you can change how you’d like your pizzas prepared.

Besides increasing productivity, minimizing overhead costs, and offering a wide range of customization capabilities, the advantages of automated sauce applicators include precision and consistency. Precision and consistency help elevate your product and brand. When consumers choose your product, they have an idea of what to expect, which is why they choose it. When you automate your pizza production process, your customers benefit. Let’s explore these benefits of precision and consistency with automation. 

Advantages of Automated Sauce Application

Like other automated steps, the advantages of automated sauce applicators in pizza production allow your company to make pizzas that your customers can rely on. Automation makes adhering to brand guidelines and exceeding customer expectations possible while simplifying and streamlining the process. Your company can choose among the available automated sauce applicators, depending on your company’s needs, to achieve precision and consistency.


The two main types of automated pizza sauce applicators are waterfall and targeted applicators, which have different degrees of precision. Targeted applicators are the most precise since you can design where the applicator applies sauce. It precisely applies the exact desired amount of sauce. Targeted application is not only the most precise, but because it is, it cuts back on the amount of sauce used, in contrast to traditional manual pizza application. 

The other pizza sauce applicator type is the waterfall applicator, which applies sauce in a waterfall fashion over the pizzas below the conveyor belt. While not as precise as targeted applicators, waterfall applicators can reuse the sauce that doesn’t make it onto pizzas initially. This type of sauce application also saves the amount of material used.


Both the waterfall and targeted applicators are consistent in their sauce application because they are automated. Automation improves quality control since the machines are designed to make each product identical. There can be noticeable variation between products, but automation significantly decreases it. Customers count on consistent products; automated sauce applicators can create consistency. Mistakes during production can be costly. Automation can help your company reduce mistakes, saving you time and resources. 

There are many advantages of automated sauce applicators in pizza production, which are great for your bottom line and meeting your ROI, including cheese applicators, meat slicers, and other dry ingredient applicators like spices. Choosing a trusted name in the industry can help you start automating your production process sooner. An automated frozen pizza production process streamlines the process so your company can reach its goals faster. 

Automate Today With Quantum

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