The Art of Making Pizza: Exploring the Process Behind the Perfect Pie

pizza ingredient applicator

So much is involved when your brand makes great pizza. Legendary recipes, great ingredients, and tried-and-true methods all factor in what makes your brand’s products a customer favorite. But, there are always ways to improve your operations in the art of making pizza. New automotive technology can transform the art of pizza as it streamlines the pizza preparation process. The process behind the perfect pie is implementing new technology that not only improves operations but also results in better pizza products. Here, we’ll go through the art of pizza, the art of making pizza the modern way, and how prepping pizza dough with automation can benefit your operations.

Art of Pizza

The art of pizza is no light manner. Your brand’s products need to appeal to your customers to maintain your bottom line. However, while your recipes remain unique and special to your brand, there are ways to simplify the art of making pizza. From prepping pizza dough to preparing your pizzas for transportation and shelf life, the art of making pizza includes all of the steps that go into making a great pizza for the customer. Let’s start with exploring how automation can transform prepping pizza dough.

Prepping Pizza Dough

Thick crust or thin crust– while people might have a preference, what matters is that your brand creates great pizzas that customers will love. Unique brand recipes are just half of the art of making pizza. The way your company prepares your products also factors in the customer experience. Automating your production line is a great way to ensure product quality and consistency. Let’s look at how your brand can implement automation to benefit your operations.

Automated Circle Placers

At Quantum, we offer automated circle placers which can apply a number of sizes of cardboard circles and rectangles which are necessary to keep the pizzas in shape. These automated circle placers help align the pizza during the preparation process so they can be aligned for ingredient application. Automated circle placers help with the process of prepping pizza dough for the rest of the ingredients.

Rely on Water Spray Conveyors

One of the last steps of the pizza preparation process should include water spray conveyors. Water spray conveyors apply a light mist of water over the finished pizza to protect it during the freezing process, transportation, and shelf-life. At Quantum, we have automated water spray conveyors available so your brand can ensure that your customers receive high-quality pizzas regardless of harsh freezing, transportation, and storage conditions.

Invest in Quality Control

What about everything in between, from sauce application to dry topping application? Automating more of your pizza preparation process allows your company to control quality and ensure consistency. Our sauce applicators, cheese and IQF applicators, meat slicers, and dry ingredient applicators apply their ingredients the same way every time to each pizza. Automated consistency is effective quality control and makes preparing pizzas easier. 

Using automated circle placers, water spray conveyors, and automating other parts of your production line streamlines the art of making pizza and helps to realize value faster. But what about other pizza-making tips, from us, the industry leader in automated pizza equipment? Below are a few pizza-making tips from us to you!

Industrial Pizza-Making Tips

Regardless of whether your brand is newer or more established, finding new industrial pizza-making tips can always help your brand. Here are a couple, including using IQF ingredients, using spices and herbs, and of course, automating. Pizza-making tips can be useful for anyone and can make the customer experience better. All of these tips can elevate your brand’s products and even help find new customers. Staying current with the latest pizza-making trends can keep your company competitive and prepared for the future. 

Use IQF Ingredients

Using IQF ingredients is our first recommendation. Using Individually Quick Frozen ingredients improves the ultimate quality of your pizzas. While other ingredients can become mushy and unappetizing during the distribution process, frozen ingredients can better withstand the rigors of the machinery. 

Use Spices and Herbs

Pizza toppings don’t stop at sauce, cheeses, and meats. Adding spices and herbs can give your pizzas an extra flavorful kick and set them apart from your competitors’ products. Oregano, basil, and thyme are typical herbs to incorporate into pizza, but your brand can explore others, such as garlic, onion, paprika, and red pepper flakes and granules. Your brand can create a special blend that results in a unique taste only found in your products. With so many spices and herbs available, your brand can develop a new and iconic blend and taste!


Lastly, we recommend automating all or part of your production process to streamline your operations. Different brands require different automated solutions, but automating your operations can elevate the way your company makes pizza. Automation improves data accessibility, streamlines workflows, reduces manual effort, and improves products. Your brand can find automated solutions that’ll work for your company with us at Quantum. We also believe making in transitioning to automation easy for a seamless experience. Embracing automation can keep your brand stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your company and products. You can meet demand, research and develop new products, and find new markets. Implementing automation not only improves the art of making pizza, but it generally makes business easier with its many benefits.

Prepare Better Pizza With Quantum

Our automated pizza equipment simplifies the pizza preparation process. Not only does our pizza equipment implement very easily into production lines but they also improve efficiency, productivity, and consistency between your products. Product quality is crucial for a great customer experience. At Quantum we’ll help you prepare better pizzas.