Should I Replace or Retrofit My Industrial Meat Slicer?

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The answer to this question can be complicated and depends on several things. Does your company try to extend the lifespan of its existing equipment? Or does it invest in a totally new machine? Understanding what kind of solution your brand is looking for is critical when asking these questions. This can help your team decide whether or not it replaces or retrofits the meat slicer.  

There’s certainly a difference in cost if your company retrofits or replaces the equipment – but there’s also a major difference in outcomes. In this article, we’ll explore meat slicer problems and the signs that your meat slicer needs to be replaced or retrofitted. We’ll also dive into where to find top-rated meat slicers should your company decide it needs to replace the equipment!

Meat Slicer Problems: Retrofit or Replace?

Meat slicer problems can cause significant downtime, especially if the issues aren’t addressed quickly. While some meat slicer problems can be solved with a quick fix – like a blade, motor, or external safety features – some issues call for an upgrade. Let’s look at some facets of industrial meat slicers and the signs that call for retrofitting or replacement. 

Condition and Age

Perhaps the most obvious sign of whether or not your brand should retrofit or replace its meat slicer is its condition and age. While industrial equipment is built to last, a machine’s poor condition may mean it’s time to be replaced, even if it’s a newer machine. Retrofitting heavily used parts like the blade or motor can help the machine to work well for a little longer. However, older machines may give your brand a disadvantage. Brands using older equipment may not be able to catch up to competitors who are using the newest technology to increase productivity. 

Versatility and Customizable Settings

Continuing from above, certain features allow brands to be competitive in today’s market, especially versatility and customizable settings. Newer technology allows modern meat slicers to slice stick meats faster, boosting productivity, without sacrificing safety and quality. Newer models also have customizable settings that allow brands to further tailor their technology to their business needs. At Quantum, our meat slicers can slice and apply meat slices to your product in specified designs, as well as slice meat and cheeses deli-style. This versatility is an important feature of new meat slicers because it can give your production methods an edge. Customizable settings are important features to consider when buying new food equipment.

Employee and Food Safety

Another meat slicer problem that determines whether to retrofit or replace is food safety. It’s possible to fit existing meat slicers with barriers to limit employee contact with the machines or to add blade guards. In these situations, retrofitting would be best in order to save money while upgrading the safety features of the equipment. However, older technology might be missing new and critical safety features to protect employees and the products. These safety features may include stainless steel and a simple design for easy cleaning, safety sensors, and better emergency stop buttons. New technology can bring these features to meat slicers to improve employee and food safety.


Lastly, the lifespan of your meat slicer can determine whether or not it needs to be replaced. Retrofitting will work if your brand expects the equipment to last longer. However, retrofitting older equipment risks it becoming obsolete and not being able to keep up with tomorrow’s demand. Investing in new and upgraded equipment is also an investment in your brand’s future. With the proper care and maintenance, your brand can extend the lifespan of the new technology. Upgrading to new technology provides the opportunity to improve your production line as a whole, and your brand can start with the meat slicer. 

Knowing when it’s possible to retrofit equipment can save your company major resources. However, not replacing machines when they need to be can cost even more. Let’s take a look at where to find top-rated meat slicers and how to find quality equipment.

Finding Top-Rated Meat Slicers

Finding new meat slicers to replace your older equipment doesn’t have to be a hassle. Knowing your company’s business needs and talking directly with equipment manufacturers can significantly shorten the process. Here’s how.

Understand Your Business Needs

The first step in finding top-rated meat slicers is to understand your business needs. Since this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your meat slicer, ask your team some questions:

  • What didn’t you like about the equipment?
  • Does the team wish for other features?
  • What went wrong with the meat slicer in the first place?
  • Does the team plan on increasing production rates?

While these aren’t all the questions a brand should review and answer, these are good stepping stones to narrow down what the company is looking for in new equipment. Because this is a great opportunity to upgrade, why not plan for the future? This can be a time when your brand begins to acquire equipment that can increase production rates. Top-rated meat slicers will be able to meet your business needs as long as your company knows what it’s looking for in new technology.

Talk with Equipment Manufacturers

In addition to knowing what your company needs from its automated technology, it’s also critical to speak with expert equipment manufacturer representatives when looking for top-rated meat slicers. Even if your company finds the meat slicers you’re looking for, an unhelpful or absent manufacturer will hinder your brand’s ability to succeed with the equipment. That’s why it’s important to consider equipment from the leading names in the industry. Having a responsive team of experts is crucial to the successful installation and integration of any new equipment. This ensures that your company has the advice and expertise needed to use your new meat slicers to improve production. Unanswered questions, incorrect installation, and an unresponsive manufacturer will further increase downtime, causing more loss of value. At Quantum, we’re there every step of the way.

Upgrade with Quantum Technical Services

We provide our clients with the best-in-business equipment that they need to make high-quality prepared meals. As the leading name in the industry, it’s our duty to engineer automated solutions that streamline production and business operations. When you choose Quantum, you’ll have an expert team ready to answer any questions about installing and implementing your new automated meat slicers. Contact us today to see which automated solutions we have for your label!