Sustainability in Frozen Food Manufacturing: Green Equipment Innovations

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Food manufacturing can require a lot of resources and have a large impact on the environment. Between energy and water use, product and ingredient waste, and machines that have short lifespans, food manufacturing can be demanding on the environment. However, our team at Quantum is dedicated to providing eco-friendly alternatives to improve sustainability in frozen food manufacturing.

Getting greener is easier than ever with Quantum equipment especially since we design our technology considering the environmental impact. The right equipment for your company will maintain consistency and quality while improving the sustainability of your company’s production process. Here, we’ll explore ways that eco-friendly frozen food equipment increases sustainability, with a focus on sustainable frozen food packaging later on. Making your assembly lines eco-friendly benefits not only the environment but also improves business practices as well.

Getting Greener: Ways to Improve Sustainability

It’s true – getting greener doesn’t solely benefit the environment. Employing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes lowers operating costs. We have a responsibility to the environment and we employ green business practices which improve the way we manufacture frozen food. Here are the ways that new automatic food equipment improves sustainability: it limits ingredient and product waste, has a longer functional lifespan, conserves resources, and increases the lifespan of products. 

Limiting Wasted Ingredients and Products

Employing sustainable business practices is critical in reducing a company’s environmental impact.  Limiting waste is a simple way to increase sustainability in food manufacturing. Manual frozen food assembly or inefficient manufacturing equipment might result in inconsistent products, which requires products that don’t pass QC to be thrown out. Over time, these wasted products and ingredients accumulate. Quantum equipment ensures accuracy and quality in food assembly– our technology assembles the products the correct way, every time. A majority of our machines also have reclaim features, used to reapply unused ingredients. Together, the consistent assembly and reclaim features limit wasted ingredients and products. 

Having a Longer-Lasting Assembly Line

Besides limiting ingredient and product waste, getting greener also includes employing longer-lasting machines. Using food equipment that has a long lifespan reduces mechanical waste. Constantly needing to replace equipment is not only expensive but wasteful. With proper care and maintenance, Quantum equipment is built to last and adapt to your changing business needs over time. 

Conserving Resources

Another way automatic food equipment improves sustainability in frozen food manufacturing is by conserving resources. A great deal of equipment in food manufacturing relies on energy and water to produce food products. However, recent technology has allowed these machines to conserve energy and water resources where possible. At Quantum, our automated food equipment conserves energy and water use. As a result, assembly lines only use energy and water when needed. Your brand can save on overhead costs by employing resource-efficient equipment – while also leaving less of an environmental impact. 

Increasing the Lifespan of Products 

Lastly, automated frozen food equipment increases the lifespan of the products. Equipment like water spray conveyors can increase product lifespan, throughout the freezing and transportation process and during shelf life. If companies don’t prepare their products for these processes, the products have a higher chance of needing to be thrown out and not making it to the customer. Products that don’t survive freezing, transportation, and shelf life create unnecessary waste and loss of value. 

One type of equipment that can extend the life of your products is cardboard circle placers. These placers serve to protect the products during assembly, freezing, transportation, and product shelf life. The cardboard circle base functions as a strong base to ensure the product is aligned and stays intact during assembly. We offer automating cardboard circle placers at Quantum, that can apply different shapes and sizes of cardboard to an assembly line. 

A second type of equipment that can extend the lifetime of your products is the water spray conveyor. They prepare frozen food products for freezing, transportation, and shelf life to limit waste. Adding this type of conveyor to your assembly line is also part of sustainable frozen food packaging. We also offer water conveyors at Quantum so that you can improve sustainability in frozen food manufacturing at your company. 

All of these features of our automated food equipment can make your food assembly line eco-friendly while also increasing your bottom line. Automating any portion of your assembly line can help you realize many benefits. Now, let’s focus on water spray conveyors, circle placers, and their contribution to eco-friendly frozen food packaging.

Sustainable Frozen Food Packaging and Eco-Friendly Frozen Food Packaging

Eco-friendly frozen food packaging starts before the packaging. To improve sustainability in frozen food manufacturing and packaging, brands need to do what they can to limit wasted ingredients and whole products. This includes incorporating resource-efficient equipment that can ensure a long lifespan for the products. As we briefly mentioned before, sustainable frozen food packaging includes incorporating circle placers and water spray conveyors in your frozen meal assembly line. These machines improve sustainability in frozen food manufacturing because they help limit waste and extend the lifespan of your products. Paired with eco-friendly frozen food packaging, this technology makes your business practices even more environmentally conscious. 

By combining all the eco-friendly features we’ve mentioned above with incorporating automated circle placers and water spray conveyors, your company can create a widely sustainable assembly line. In addition to leaving less of an impact on the environment, incorporating automated eco-friendly equipment is also an effective way to streamline operational costs and make your assembly line more efficient. At Quantum, we make going green simpler.

Improve Your Sustainability with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we’re dedicated to creating efficient automated food equipment that’s also environmentally conscious. Your company doesn’t have to choose between top-quality products and eco-friendly food manufacturing equipment when you choose Quantum. With our best-in-business automated food equipment and stellar customer service, our clients excel in consistency and quality. Contact us today to find out how you can improve the sustainability of your frozen food manufacturing.