Pizza Production: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Quantum Technical Services has everything you need for an automated pizza production system. We can help you make more pizzas faster and grow your frozen food business with this step-by-step guide to pizza production. Every step is faster and easier with equipment from Quantum Technical Services. We can help you create a pizza topping process that meets all your needs, from depositing cardboard circles, applying sauce, applying cheese and other toppings, slicing and applying meats, and more. No matter which types of pizza bases and contents of pizza you add to your pies, this is the guide you need. 

Pizza Production Step-By-Step

We can tell you how to automate your pizza production to meet demand. You probably already know the order of toppings placement, but we can help you create a truly optimized pizza topping production line. Our equipment enables you to generate high-quality pizza products while streamlining the pizza topping production process. Pizza topping begins with a cardboard circle placer, and applying your crust, sauce, and cheese. Next, you add other toppings, sometimes requiring meat slicing and application. And, of course, this is followed by adding any other dry and granular ingredients and, finally, slicing your pizzas.

Step 1: Begin With a Cardboard Circle Placer

First, you must begin the pizza topping process by placing your cardboard circles onto the conveyor belt. A circle-placing machine places round, square, or rectangular corrugated cardboard onto a conveyor. Quantum’s circles place your circles onto the conveyor belt at speeds of up to 180 rotations per minute. Then, you add whatever pizza base you use for your pies. 

Step 2: Apply Sauce

Next, it’s time to apply the pizza sauce. Quantum’s target sauce applicators offer perfect portions and placement on every pizza crust. This includes evenly applying sauce to your pizza while maintaining a clean, sauce-free border. We offer several different pizza sauce applicators for you to choose from for your pizza topping line. Our options include the WS1000 Waterfall, QTSA Series, QTMC Series, QTJK Series, C120 Series, and QTIA Series. 

Step 3: Apply Cheese and Other Toppings

Next, you need a waterfall topping applicator to apply your shredded cheese, IQF vegetables/meats, and dry ingredients. Waterfall applicators evenly and efficiently apply a variety of toppings to your pizzas. Our machines reduce waste by recirculating unused products, which can dramatically cut costs for your production facility. Choose from our MLT2000 Series, WA1000 Series, TC-5 Series, WA5000 Series, QTPA Series, and WFTS Series to automate your cheese and topping application.

Step 4: Slice and Apply Pepperoni and Other Meat

Do your pizzas include pepperoni, sausage, or Canadian bacon? (Or all three?) Then you know how time-consuming it can be to slice and apply your meats. Quantum Technical Services has several different meat and pepperoni slicer options available. Our meat slicers slice your toppings, then deposit them onto your pizzas in one easy step. All our Quantum meat slicers feature continuous motion conveyors and state-of-the-art servo motor drive technology that allow you to precisely position your product under the target depositor. Our meat slicer options include the QTSS Series, TP-2 Single Lane, P200 Series Single Head, P200 Series Dual Head, and P400 Cantilevered Series. 

Step 5: Apply Dry and Granular Ingredients

Next, it is time to apply your dry toppings and ingredients like spices, seeds, salt, granules, parmesan cheese, and more. Quantum Technical Services has several dry and granular ingredients applicators to choose from. The Granular Ingredient Applicator Model #QTGA1000 Series, Dry Ingredient Granular Applicator Model #QTGA5, Granular Ingredient Applicator Model #QTGA3000, and more are capable of evenly applying a variety of toppings to your pizzas.

Step 6: Cut Your Pizza Pies

Finally, it is time to slice your perfect pizzas! Quantum Technical Services has two pizza slicers: a conveyorized pizza slicer and a manually operated pizza slicer. The Quantum Pizza Cutter Model PC5000 is an automated pizza slicer designed to cut pizzas into equal size portions. It has interchangeable cutter assemblies that allow for multiple slice configurations. The Quantum Pizza Cutter Model PC1018 is a manually-operated pizza slicer that can cut pizzas into equal size portions. It is ideal for by-the-slice operations. 

Customize Your Pizza Topping Process

Every pizza topping process is different. Pizza production lines have numbers of lanes and production rates. You can customize your pizza production line by selecting our equipment. Your pizza production will depend on your needs and the products you create. 

Are You Following the Typical Order?

Some companies like to rearrange the order of their machines. Perhaps you’re trying to turn the world on its head with a pizza with cheese under the sauce. Here at Quantum, we are fully prepared to support your pizza topping process, no matter the order of ingredients. 

Types of Pizza Bases

No matter what pizza base or crust you use, from thin Neapolitan style to the thickest of Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas or even cauliflower pizzas, you can use Quantum equipment to get the perfect product every time. 

Contents of Pizza 

No matter what types of pizza bases or contents of pizza you use, it is easy to automate and customize your pizza topping process for your facility.  

How Many Pizzas You Want to Make 

Did you know that three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year? Our pizza topping systems help you create more pizzas to keep up with demand and help you make more revenue. 

Automate Your Pizza Production With Machinery from Quantum Technical Services

Quantum Technical Services has been creating innovative solutions for food processing companies and serving the food industry since 1991. Our team can help you create a fast and effective pizza production line using our reliable and effective solutions. Purchase our equipment online or contact our customer service department for assistance today at (815) 427-5080 or email us at