How Much Does Pizza Equipment Cost?

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Food preparation automation has improved in the last couple of decades, and that includes the equipment needed to prepare frozen pizzas. However, recent advancements in technology have allowed frozen food preparation to be even more cost-effective and efficient. Still, regardless if you’re new to frozen pizza preparation or you’re looking to upgrade your machines or purchase an additional unit, it’s helpful to have an idea of how much pizza equipment costs. Investing in state-of-the-art pizza production machines and trusted names in the business can make your pizza preparation even faster and more efficient, leading to more consistent and higher-quality production. Here, we’ll go through different pizza production machines, a range in cost for a pizza assembly line, and the benefits of having upgraded equipment for your frozen pizza production process. So, how much does pizza equipment cost?

Pizza Production Machine Cost

Frozen pizza sales in the United States reached more than 6 billion dollars in 2021 alone, up from 5.47 billion dollars in 2020, so there’s certainly a demand for frozen pizza machinery. The best way to keep up with the demand is by automating your pizza production process. Production systems like those available at Quantum can complete upwards of 50 12-in. pizzas per minute. At Quantum, we offer sauce depositors, pepperoni slicers, topping applicators, and granular applicators, and each simplifies every step of the pizza topping preparation process. Even having just one machine can speed up your preparation process and help produce consistent results. When you invest in automated pizza production machines, you can design their functionality to your brand specifications and count on consistent products. When you’re asking how much pizza equipment costs, keep in mind how priceless high-quality products are and how that drives sales. Frozen pizzas are a convenient meal, and when you use automated pizza topping technology for your brand, you’re creating meal options that your customers can rely on every time. Even though just one automated machine can transform your preparation process, imagine what a whole pizza assembly line can do for your frozen pizza brand. 

Pizza Assembly Line Cost

Investing in a full pizza assembly line will be more expensive than choosing one or a few units. However, in a pizza assembly line, each component works together to create a fast solution to your preparation process. When you’re wondering how much pizza equipment costs and if a whole assembly line is worthwhile– we can confidently say it is. When you have a full assembly line of sauce depositors, pepperoni slicers, topping applicators, granular applicators, and other conveyors, the assembly line can produce upwards of 600 completed pizzas per minute, ready to be frozen for distribution. Now, which business can benefit from this technology?

Frozen Pizza and Food Companies

The type of business that can benefit the most from pizza equipment is frozen pizza and food preparation companies. Automated pizza equipment produces consistent results that accelerate the process so your company can distribute more pizzas than ever. 

Grocery Stores

Many large grocery stores offer products under their own label. Some of these products can include their own line of frozen pizzas. When grocery stores use automatic pizza equipment to prepare frozen pizzas, they can generate more products, ready for stores. Since restaurant prices have been dramatically increasing, more and more consumers are choosing frozen pizzas to save money. Because of this, offering frozen pizza as a choice under a grocery store label is a great way to generate more sales. 

Chain Restaurant Product Distributors

Large chain restaurants that offer pizza often chose to sell frozen versions of their product in grocery stores to increase visibility and sales. Their customers can find familiar pizzas as they shop for groceries, which makes it even more convenient to enjoy their favorite restaurant pizza. Chain restaurants can find that automated pizza equipment makes the preparation process faster and they can reach more customers than ever before.

Now that we’ve gone through how much pizza equipment costs, let’s explore some of the benefits of automated pizza factory production lines.

Benefits of an Automated Pizza Factory Production Line

When you upgrade to an automated pizza factory production line, you might also be concerned about ROI. However, multiple factors determine your ROI such as the number of machines you invested in and profits. Nevertheless, there are immediate benefits to automated pizza assembly lines, including efficiency, consistency, less waste, and requiring less labor. 


While traditional food preparation by human employees can take minutes per meal, automated pizza preparation can allow your company to generate hundreds of pizzas per minute. This allows you to distribute more products to meet demand and realize value faster.


With automated assembly lines, you can design what your toppings will look like on the pizza and trust that they’ll look the same across every pizza, whereas human employees can create variance between each pizza. Consistent products generate familiarity with your customers and help your brand meet their expectations every time.

Less Waste

Toppings like cheese and vegetables can fall off the pizzas and conveyors as they move down the line. This can mean losing thousands of dollars in lost materials, which isn’t ideal for your bottom line. However, our automated machines are built to save and recycle materials that don’t initially make it onto pizzas. 

Require Less Labor

While you might need tens of employees to assemble pizzas, you only need a technician or an overseer to make sure that the automated assembly line is going smoothly. Training and labor are costly, as labor can be the biggest expense for a business. In an uncertain economy, you want to be confident that you can end each quarter in the black. Automation removes this worry since you can rely on their output to be consistent and not as expensive. 

Switch to Automation with Quantum

Find your new automated frozen pizza assembly equipment here at Quantum. Our machines are built to be effective and consistent and they can transform the way that your brand prepares frozen pizzas. At Quantum, we guarantee a great return on investment and a better way to prepare frozen pizzas.