How Industrial Meat Slicers Can Save Time in Pizza Topping Production

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When you first consider automating your pizza topping production process, you may think of equipment like a circle placer for your cardboard or a waterfall topping applicator for your cheeses and sauces. But what about an industrial meat slicer for all those supreme pizzas with pepperoni and sausage? An industrial meat slicer can speed up your pizza production process and consistently slice meat deposited evenly onto your pizzas. This article will discuss how industrial meat slicers can save time in pizza topping production for your food manufacturing business and more as a complete guide to automatic and commercial meat slicers.

Saving Time With Industrial Meat Slicers

In the age of automation in pizza topping production, an industrial meat slicer can save significant time. While you might consider a cheese or sauce applicator to help you speed up the pizza topping process, an industrial meat slicer is another critical component in automating your pizza line. Rather than manually cutting meats to top your pizza and trying to make them consistent and even, invest in an industrial meat slicer to help you save time in pizza production and achieve a perfectly placed slice every time

More clarity on the different industrial meat slicers can help you choose the best for your needs and aspirations. While Quantum Technical Services’ meat slicers are meant for slicing meats for pizza toppings, they can cut more than just meat.

What Is a Machine to Slice Meat?

Whether your pizzas are topped with pepperoni, salami, ham, or other meats, a machine to slice meat can save you considerable time. A device to slice meat can go by many names, including industrial, automatic, or commercial meat slicer. An industrial meat slicer is a type of food portion and application system.

Commercial Meat Slicers From Quantum Technical Services

When you choose a machine to slice meat for your business, it’s essential to consider your needs. What meat types and quantities do you need to slice? Different meat slicers have different capabilities. Quantum Technical Services’ slicers easily cut through meat sticks like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage. You can also configure our slicers for other uses like slicing meats and cheeses deli-style. Our slicers not only slice meat but deposit the toppings directly and evenly onto your pizzas for a consistent product every time. All Quantum slicers feature continuous motion conveyors and state-of-the-art servo motors that drive technology to precisely position your product under the target depositor. 

QTSS Series

The Quantum QTSS Series Pendulum Pepperoni Meat/Cheese Slicer uses sophisticated sensor and drive technology to slice and target in multiple lane configurations accurately. This machine is ideal for depositing onto a multiple-lane tray meal line and has up to 60 feet per minute production rates.

TP-2 Single Lane

The TP-2 single-lane, single-head slicer slices and applies pepperoni and other stick meats and cheeses per specific pattern specifications. This machine automates repetitive motions to achieve the time-consuming task of using sliced products on your pizzas. 

P200 Series Single Head

The P200 Series Single Head utilizes one independent target pepperoni head per lane. This machine allows you to produce 12” pizzas at 60 per minute per lane and 16” pizzas at 42 per minute per lane. The options include a 10-inch wide by 10-inch long or 14-inch wide by 14-inch long product slicing area for consistent slice thickness, accurate pepperoni placement, and simple touchscreen controls. A multiple-lane, continuous-motion conveyor uses state-of-the-art motor drive technology to precisely position the product under the target slicer. 

P200 Series Dual Head

The P200 Series Dual Head utilizes two independent target pepperoni heads per lane. The multiple-lane, continuous motor conveyor uses state-of-the-art motor drive technology to precisely position the product under the target slicer. It ensures consistent slice thickness, accurate pepperoni placement, and intuitive touchscreen controls. This machine allows you to produce 12” pizzas at 100 per lane per minute and 16” pizzas at 75 per lane per minute. 

P400 Cantilevered Series

The P400 Cantilevered Series utilizes a cantilevered design to be placed over an existing conveyor. It offers consistent slice thickness and intuitive color touchscreen controls. There are multiple lane configurations available. The single head allows you to produce 60 12” pizzas per minute per lane, and the dual head enables you to make 100 12” pizzas per minute per lane.

Dual Alignment System

The dual alignment system can integrate into a single lane and provide alignment to allow two lanes of smaller products to utilize a single depositor station with two independent deposit areas. It enables you to produce up to 60 12” pizzas per minute per lane. This system can be integrated into sauce applicators as well as slicer applicators. 

Benefits of an Automatic Meat Slicer

Using an automatic meat slicer for your pizza topping line has several benefits. 

Saves Time 

An automatic meat slicer can save you time when assembling pizzas. 

Saves Labor Costs

Rather than leaving the task entirely to employees, save yourself labor costs on meat slicing with an automatic meat slicer. 

Improves Appearance and Consistency

Achieve the perfect slices of pepperoni and other meats every time. An automatic meat slicer gives your pizza topping meat an improved appearance and consistency. 

Increases Sanitation

Automating your meat slicing increases food safety and sanitation

Get an Industrial Meat Slicer From Quantum Technical Services

Quantum Technical Services has the industrial meat slicers you need to save time in the pizza topping process. Explore our selection of slicers now or contact our support team to help you choose the right industrial meat slicer for your food manufacturing business.