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At Quantum Technical Services, we’re known for our innovations in food processing. But our services don’t stop with providing you with pizza equipment, bakery equipment, conveyors, and additional equipment. We also have a complete service department and parts to help you with your maintenance, repair, service, and customer needs. We know that customer service matters, even in food production. One of the reasons our customers return to us again and again for their food processing needs is our excellent support and customer service. Learn more about Quantum’s service department and the services our talented service technicians offer our clients.

Quantum’s Service Department

Quantum Technical Services prides itself on offering more than reliable, expertly designed, cutting-edge food processing equipment. But we also know that food manufacturing automation machines require preventative maintenance and occasionally urgent and emergency maintenance. That is why we offer care and support throughout the lifespan of your food processing equipment from Quantum Technical Services. We have an extensive service and parts department consisting of several dedicated in-house technicians ready to help you get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. They also perform regular preventative maintenance as you wish to head off any potential problems proactively. When you are looking for the right automation equipment, partner with a manufacturer that offers excellent service.

Features of Quantum Customer Service

The following are just a few of the features of our Quantum technical service department:

Professional Service Technicians

We have a team of expert, professional, experienced service technicians on staff who are ready to help you with any maintenance or issues that arise with your machinery. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency or scheduled support and care in the field, on the phone, or virtually.

Get Expert, Knowledgeable Service

Our team is knowledgeable and gives you expert professional service. We know our machinery inside and out and can provide you with the quickest and best service. Rather than calling a local technician who might need to learn more about our machinery, leave it to experts.

Fast Response Time

We know that when your machines are down, you lose out on productivity. That is why we pride ourselves on giving our clients a quick response time and our best effort to get your machinery back up and running as fast as possible to avoid unplanned downtime.

Quantum Customer Service for All of Our Equipment

Our Quantum service department is full-service. We offer service for all of our Quantum equipment, including our pizza equipment, bakery equipment, prepared meals equipment, conveyors, circle placers, and more:

Pizza Equipment

  • Sauce Applicators
  • Cheese and Topping Applicators
  • Meat and Pepperoni Slicers
  • Dry and Granular Ingredient Applicators
  • Circle Placers
  • Additional Equipment

Prepared Meals

  • Sauce Applicators
  • Meat and Pepperoni Slicers
  • Cheese and Topping Applicators
  • Dry and Granular Ingredient Applicators

Bakery Equipment

  • Dry and Granular Ingredient Applicators
  • Circle Placers
  • Cheese and Topping Applicators


  • QTWS Polycord Water Spray Conveyor
  • QTBF Bulk Feed Conveying System
  • QC5 Belt Conveyor
  • QC20B Series
  • QTCC Series
  • Conv 3 Series
  • Conv 4 Series
  • Reclaim Conveyors
  • Manual Topping Conveyor with Reclaim
  • Infeed Orientation System

Circle Placers

  • QTCR1016 Cardboard Circle Placer
  • QTFF Cardboard Circle Placer

Additional Equipment

  • PC5000 Series
  • PC1018 Series

Get Replacement Parts at Quantum’s Parts Department

Quantum has all the parts you need to fix your equipment. We have an extensive parts department operated by dedicated in-house technicians. You can expect the same service from our parts department as you do with the rest of our equipment. We have all the replacement parts necessary for your industrial food processing equipment. As a food processing company, you most likely have experienced the frustration of equipment breakdowns caused by a single worn part. Luckily, at Quantum, we know that downtime costs you money. We keep parts that commonly need replacing in stock so we can help you get back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us today to inquire about any parts you need for your food processing equipment!

Quantum’s Service Department Preventative Maintenance

Quantum’s service department also offers preventative maintenance services for your food manufacturing equipment. Don’t wait for something to go wrong with your machines. If you want to keep your equipment in peak condition, utilize our preventive maintenance services today.

Our professional service technicians will inspect your equipment, diagnose any potential issues, and recommend repair, upgrades, and proper maintenance and operation of your machines. You can choose to have these services done quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Our preventative maintenance services include:

  • Inspection
  • Diagnosis
  • Repair
  • Advise
  • Operator Training

Performing preventative maintenance on your machines has several benefits, including decreasing the cost of significant repairs by discovering any issues early. It can also extend the lifespan of your equipment, which will help save you money on buying expensive new parts and replacing the equipment entirely. Regularly scheduled maintenance can minimize downtime and maximize productivity at your facility.

Hear From Our Happy Customers: Reviews of Quantum’s Customer Service

One of the reasons clients choose Quantum over other companies is our outstanding customer service.

“Service is fast, and techs are very knowledgeable,” according to Steve Jungmann of Urban Farmer in Manteno, IL.

According to James Gordon of Jimmy’s Frozen Pizza in Hatten, ND, “Quantum sales, technical support, and training was also first class!”

Join the legions of Quantum’s service department’s happy customers.

Contact Quantum’s Service Department for Help Today

Quantum’s service department is ready to serve you. We have been serving the food industry since 1991 with the best machinery and customer service, service department, and parts department. Customer satisfaction remains our priority. Contact us today at service@q-t-s.com or parts@q-t-s.com, call us at (815) 427-5080, or fax us at (815) 464-1541 to reach our service department. We also have a chat option available on our website 24 hours a day to answer your questions.