How Automation Is Changing The Bakery Industry

Baking Industry Automation

Quantum Technical Services is best known for its topping applicators used in the mass production of frozen pizzas and prepared meals, but many of the same machines have similar applications in the production of bakery items. Automated topping applicators such as dry/granular ingredient applicators, cheese waterfall applicators, and circle placers provide labor savings, waste diminishment, and quick return on investment.

Quantum topping applicators can be applied to a vast spectrum of industries – particularly with bakery goods like brownies, croissants, bagels, and pastries. What applications would you like to automate to optimize your production lines?


TC-5 Series Waterfall Applicator

The TC-5 Series, our cheese and topping applicators, are best known for applying shredded cheese on top of pizzas. The TC-5 can operate at 80 feet per minute, spreading cheese or other toppings evenly across the surface of the product. Manually, this task would produce more waste in terms of ingredients wasted and time spent applying toppings. Think about how you apply toppings now. Operators picking up handfuls, making sure that the topping is evenly spread, and ensuring consistency are all factors that need to be considered. Imagine the same process multiplied by several times with different bakery items

Adding a TC-5 to your line eliminates these problems. A waterfall evenly applies toppings, and excess toppings that do not land on the product are carried into the recirculation system and returned to the hopper. A process that could take several minutes is reduced to a matter of seconds, and no materials are wasted in the process.

With 20 recipe slots and 80 feet of product per minute, the TC-5 Series provides a variety of options typically found only in the most expensive machines.


QTGA Series Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicator

The Quantum QTGA Series specializes not only in dry cheeses, but any dry ingredients that need to be applied to the surface of a bakery item. Nuts on brownies, cheese on croissants, seasoning on bread sticks and much more.

Manual alternatives to this process are time-consuming and prone to waste. Excess product can be collected directly under the applicator, at the next gap in the line or via a side of line reclaim conveyor. Automation such as this provides a high degree of precision that can’t be matched when mass producing bakery goods.


Automating Ingredient Application Processes

Food production automation is largely considered to be the next step in the manufacturing industry. It’s been estimated that 25% of manufacturing functions will be automated by 2025, compared to the 10% that we see today. While some in the industry fear that the move towards automation will displace jobs, most experts believe that these innovations will redirect workers toward new skills oriented around increased efficiency.

There is no question that automation offers dramatic benefits to those who adopt it. Machines don’t grow tired or call in sick, and can work around the clock at rates cheaper than manual labor. Precise, fast, and not prone to waste, companies from all industries have begun adopting these machines as part of, or as a replacement to, the classic assembly line.

What should you expect using automated tools with the mass production of bakery items? Increased production rates, less waste and greater consistency. Our topping applicators are known industry-wide for getting the job done, and our expertise is not limited to pizza equipment and prepared meals. See for yourself how our machines can optimize your manufacturing process.

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