When Can I Expect ROI From Automation

Advances in technology and engineering have provided manufacturers with incalculable gains throughout the 21st century, but these have not fixed a fundamental problem in the industry: maintaining a workforce. Automation provides manufacturers with the ability not only to make their business safer, but protects itself against a changing economy. There are plenty of costs that […]

Secret Sauce: In-House Testing of our Sauce Applicators

target sauce applicator

Target sauce applicators like our QTSA and QTMC Series evenly apply sauce to your product while maintaining a sauce free border. When properly integrated into your production line , these machines can greatly increase efficiency. They also improve the appearance and consistency of your product. The decrease in cost of labor and waste will improve […]

How to Get Started With Machine Automation

Machine Automation

Companies that adopt automation on the assembly line see immediate benefits from the moment a machine is turned on. Machines can operate non-stop and with incredible precision, speeding the process, eliminating waste, and improving workplace safety. By the year 2025, automation is projected to have an economic impact between $5-7 billion dollars. The McKinsey Institute […]

What Are the Benefits of a Full Production System?

nefits of a Full Production System

When you’re thinking about installing automated machines into your manufacturing lines, a lot of questions come up. How much will it cost? Will I actually see value, or will this cost more than it’s worth? Should I get one machine or a full production system? Automated machining equipment is new to many manufacturers, but the […]

How Automation Is Changing The Bakery Industry

Baking Industry Automation

Quantum Technical Services is best known for its topping applicators used in the mass production of frozen pizzas and prepared meals, but many of the same machines have similar applications in the production of bakery items. Automated topping applicators such as dry/granular ingredient applicators, cheese waterfall applicators, and circle placers provide labor savings, waste diminishment, […]

COVID-19 and Its Effects on the Prepared Meals Industry

Grocery Frozen Food

COVID-19 has made an impact on virtually every sector of the American economy – the prepared meals industry is no exception. Each day new stories emerge regarding the temporary or permanent closures of plants across the nation. As of May 14th, at least 213 meatpacking and processed food plants have confirmed cases of the coronavirus […]