Secrets of the Sauce: The Best Sauce Automation Application Techniques in Pizza Production

Flat belt Sauce Applicator

Gone are the days of wasteful sauce application, messy workstations, and inconsistent products. Competition between frozen pizza brands is higher than ever, so how do pizza brands create successful products and maintain their quality to appeal to the consumer? The secret to keeping up with demand without sacrificing quality is automating your pizza production process, from sauce application to dry ingredient application. Here, we’ll focus on sauce automation application techniques, which set up each pizza for success through the preparation process. Automatic pizza production can transform any pizza business, as you’ll see when we describe the benefits of automatic sauce machines. But first, we’ll briefly overview automatic pizza production before exploring pizza sauce dispenser techniques.  

Automatic Pizza Production

With so many frozen pizza products available, it might seem challenging to outpace the competition and meet customers’ expectations. However, having total control over every step of your production process can allow you to fine-tune your products so they can exceed customers’ expectations. This is possible through automatic pizza production. With us at Quantum Technical Services, you can automate almost every process step, including cardboard circle application, sauce application, cheese and dry ingredient application, and meat slicing and application. Here, we’ll focus on sauce automation application techniques.

Pizza Sauce Dispenser Techniques

Automation opens up new pizza sauce dispenser techniques to streamline your pizza preparation process. These new possibilities can make your process more manageable, increase productivity, and save your company money, all through automation. Let’s explore them.

Waterfall and Target Automatic Sauce Application

One of the many pizza sauce dispenser techniques introduced is waterfall and target automatic sauce application. Waterfall application is excellent for covering the whole crust, while target application is ideal for applying an exact amount of sauce according to brand guidelines. With Quantum technology, your company can choose which sauce application would work best for your products.

Conveyor Belt Systems

Sauce automation application techniques include conveyor belt systems for your production line. Conveyor belt systems allow pizzas to move through the production line swiftly and in an organized manner. They also help your pizzas become aligned for topping applications and help your company meet necessary quotas. Our conveyor belt systems can guide your pizzas under the sauce applicators.

Reclaim Capabilities

The last of the secret sauce automation application techniques we’ll go through is reclaim capability. Our automated machines have reclaim capabilities so your company can reuse sauce and other ingredients that don’t initially make it onto a pizza the first time they were applied. Automated reclaim is sustainable and sanitary and helps your company save on resources

These sauce automation application techniques are the secret to streamlining your production process and rising above the competition. Automating your production process is an investment, but automating your sauce machines and other ingredient applicators has many benefits. 

Benefits of Automatic Sauce Machines

The many benefits of automatic sauce machines (as well as other automated applicators) include increased precision, consistency, saved resources, and reaching faster ROI. Of course, these benefits help maximize your bottom line, paving the way for trying new recipes or expanding your markets. Let’s first take a look at precision.


Targeted and waterfall sauce machines vary in their degrees of precision, but both have benefits that result in high-quality pizza. Targeted sauce applicators are more precise than waterfall applicators because you can program the amount of sauce your brand requires on each pizza. This eliminates wasted sauce, and your company can expect the sauce to be applied according to brand guidelines. Waterfall sauce applicators deposit the sauce over the whole pizza compared to targeted applicators. Waterfall applicators have reclaim capabilities that allow the machine to reapply any sauce that didn’t make it onto a pizza initially.


Consistency is another benefit of automatic sauce machines. Customers rely on your product to be consistent. They expect a great meal or snack from your brand. Consistency is essential in business, but luckily, automation makes consistency easy to achieve. Both waterfall and targeted sauce applicators produce the same results every time. Both types deposit the same amount of sauce per pizza, so they can easily pass quality checks and meet customers’ expectations.

Saved Resources

Wasted resources like time and ingredients can be detrimental to realizing value. The reclaim capabilities on our automated machinery will help save your company both. Reclaim recovers unused ingredients, like sauce, which keeps it from being thrown out. Reclaim capabilities also save time because the recycling of the ingredients is automated, and of course, time is money. Automated sauce applicators and reclaim keep the production area clean and limit the staff required to assemble pizzas. 

Fast ROI

The last benefit of automatic sauce machines is that the more your company automates, the faster it reaches ROI. While it may be an investment, your company can outpace the competition and maximize profits as soon as it starts to automate any part of its production process. Automation generally realizes returns very fast, compared to hiring more staff to assemble more pizzas manually. Automation is the future of frozen food preparation because it simplifies multiple aspects of the production process. From increased productivity to quick ROI, automation has transformed the frozen food industry and can transform your brand. 

Automate Your Production Process With Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we’re here to streamline your frozen pizza preparation process with the newest and fastest automatic technology. We’re the industry leader in automated pizza equipment, and we work to offer the best automated solutions for your business needs. Contact us today so we can start automating your frozen pizza production process.