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As our company has evolved, so has food production: automation remains at the core of what we do at Quantum Technical Services, and with the demand for bakery automation we have designed a suite of machines perfectly suited for any production line.

Many have called automation the future of food production – that future is now. The past few years have pushed automation forward as many manufacturing facilities were forced to find alternative ways to produce their products without large in person assembly lines for worker safety.  This has led to supply shortages in the food supply chain and price increases for the products enjoyed by consumers.

A fully automated bakery production system can help improve safety, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance the quality of a food production team. Since there are many people involved with the production process at different steps, automation creates better quality control on your production line. It gives you reliable consistency and reduces risks and expenses associated with large teams of people on a production line.

Using a Fully Automated Bakery Production System

A bakery production system is only as good as the machines that manufacture them. Quantum automation harnesses speed and efficiency to deliver results, ensuring speed without sacrificing quality. The end result is a more consistent product at a much higher volume.

Perhaps the most important improvement to automating your production line is the idea of traceability, which is tracking your product from the very start of the supply chain through to end use by the consumer.

There are many reasons to look at traceability in food. One of them is safety, which is critical in a food production environment both to your workers and to the end user who will consume your product. Traceability provides opportunities to find supply chain efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements, to connect with and understand others in the supply chain. Crucially it gives you the ability to tell your story to the consumers about the journey of their products.

Automating your steps in a bakery production environment makes traceability easier to accomplish. It assists in finding solutions quicker and makes your products safer. This helps to improve your company’s image, allowing your consumers to know you are a brand they can trust. Quantum understands the concerns of companies in the food production industry. That is why they have created pizza, bakery and custom engineered solutions to handle the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Quantum Bakery Products

Providing manufacturing solutions to companies over the past 30 years has made Quantum Technical Services a trusted name in the food automation industry.  From our foundation in frozen pizza production systems and custom engineered food topping applicators , we have evolved to carry an array of bakery solutions that help automate the production process.

QTS remains ahead of the curve when it comes to automating the production process. Automation is occurring along the entire food supply chain from farm to table.  This is due to labor shortages, cost reduction and safety concerns. Implementing automation in your bakery production process is not only to your advantage as a business, but imperative to the future of the industry.

Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Quantum Technical Services manufactures the QTGA series of topping applicators that can be used to apply a wide variety of toppings; dry ingredients, granules, spices, seeds, salt, parmesan cheese, and similar ingredients. These can be used across a wide variety of food products.

Featuring a cantilevered design, Quantum’s Granular Ingredient Applicators are engineered for mounting onto or over existing conveyor systems. All of our granular applicators are capable of evenly applying toppings to your product.

With its adjustable portion and production rate the QTGA1000 gives you the control you need for almost all your bakery topping needs. It has the ability to handle most granular dry ingredients. It can be used to apply cheese, spices, candy bits, nuts or sugar to other baked goods. The QTGA1000 has nearly unlimited applications, and fits over existing conveyors with simple operation.

Like the QTGA 1000, The QTGA2000 has multiple dispenser shafts and can handle the same range of toppings. However, the QTGA2000 also features an optional reclaim conveyor that aids in reducing waste and making your food production line more efficient.

The QTGA3000 series is our largest granular applicator, is also capable of evenly applying a variety of toppings to your product. Multiple dispenser shafts allow you to produce more product faster. This model comes with an adjustable center driven conveyor and has the option of conveyor dropdowns and return systems.

Quantum Technical Services makes conveyors in all shapes and sizes. We can be sure that our topping applicators will fit your production requirements, and we can custom engineer a solution that will fit your needs. All of Quantum’s dry and granular ingredient applicators feature a USDA compliant construction and are washdown compatible.

Circle Placers

As your food product moves down the line, it needs to have a sturdy and reliable base. Quantum’s Circle Placers play a fundamental role in this step of the automated food production process.

These machines place round, square or rectangle corrugated cardboard onto a conveyor. Circle Placers are often used as the first step in a larger food topping line for things like pizza crusts, pies, cakes or anything that requires a rigid cardboard base.

Quantum Technical Solutions’ QTCR and machines are easy to set up and customized to control the pacing of your product. They can be set for placement by timer or signal. Both models have the ability to process round, square, and rectangle corrugated cardboard shapes. The QTCR can place cardboard onto a conveyor at rates of up to 180 cardboard pieces per minute, while the QTFF places corrugated cardboard onto a conveyor at rates of up to 80 circles per minute.

No matter what shape your baked goods are, our cardboard placers will deliver results at a remarkable speed.

Cheese and Topping Applicators

Whether you are topping your food products with shredded cheese, meats, vegetables, or dry ingredients; Quantum Technical Services’ waterfall topping applicators are perfect for quickly applying ingredients while minimizing waste.

The WA1000 Series and the larger WA5000 are both simple and easy to use conveyorized topping applicators. They are great for breads, pies or any rigid food product. Capable of evenly applying a variety of toppings to your products including cheese, IQF ingredients, nuts and even streusel topping onto 100 feet of product at a time.

Both the WA1000 and the WA5000 models feature optional automatic hopper level control, and superior sanitary design. Simply put, there is no better waterfall topping applicator out there.

The TC-5 is a waterfall topping applicator with reclaim system.  It has a robust design that incorporates over 25 years of experience by including features previously found only on the most expensive machines as standard equipment.

The TC-5 Waterfall Topping Applicator features a cantilevered design, crank handle rake height adjustment, color touch screen controls with diagnostics and 20 recipe slots. The TC-5 is the most innovative, easiest machine to operate and clean in its class.

The QTPA series is a waterfall topping applicator used for wider belt widths, has adjustable speed conveyors that can accommodate a variety of production rates and portions.  Capable of applying dry ingredients, shredded cheese, IQF vegetables and IQF meats to your product. It can be mounted onto an existing conveyor which makes it a great addition to an automated food prep line, or can be used as a stand alone unit. The QTPA is available in custom widths to suit your needs and can handle up to 40 feet of product per minute.

The WFTS2000 is a conveyorized target topping applicator capable of precisely applying toppings to a targeted area. Your cakes, pies, breads or other product are moved precisely under the applicating head by means of our indexing conveyor.

The targeting provided by the WFTS2000 allows for precise application of topping while maintaining a topping free border, keeping your product free of a quality issue, and reducing waste. The topping is then automatically applied when the conveyor stops in a predetermined volume that can be set by you.

The QTTW5000 is a cantilevered target ingredient applicator with a two lane, target ingredient applicator capable of evenly applying a variety of ingredients and toppings to your product.

Portions are deposited through following buckets that align directly over your products on your existing production conveyor. Precise electrical controls and changeable funnels allow for targeted depositing into trays or specific areas of trays which make it perfect solution for baked goods, trays and entrees. The feed conveyor will automatically maintain the proper level of product in the applicator.

All of our topping applicators feature user friendly and intuitive operator interfaces. Their sanitary design and modular construction allow you to use these machines to help create an entire line custom to your needs. Not sure if it will fit? We can custom engineer conveyors and bakery equipment to ensure your production line will meet your needs.

The Quantum Technical Services Promise

Food manufacturing has changed greatly over the course of a decade. With a variety of technological innovations, the shape of the work force and the factory floor has evolved. Automation allows manufacturers to focus on providing a quality product with enhanced quality and speed.

Whether you’re looking to replace a single machine in your production line, a complete overhaul, or even wondering how to get started with automation, Quantum Technical Solutions offers American-made, affordable, and effective engineering. All of our machines are USDA Certified, and designed for easy cleaning, safe operation, and ease of use.

How can Quantum Technical Services help your business? Contact us today to learn more.